• Vacuum Pumps
    - Rotary Vacuum Pump
    - Oil Diffusion Pump
    - Turbo Pump with Controller and accessories
    - Dry Scroll Pump with External Silencer
    - Ion Pump with Controller
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  • Vacuum Gauges
    - Pirani Gauge Head
    - High Pressure Pirani Gauge Head
    - Penning Gauge Head
    - Pirani Gauge Heads with Digital Display Unit and Cables
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  • Vacuum Valves
    - Buttefly Valve
    - Bellow Sealed Right Angle Valve
    - Fine Control Needle Valve
    - Manually Operated High Vacuum
    - Vacuumgate Valve
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  • Vacuum Components
    - SS Blank Flange
    - Centering Ring and O Ring
    - KF Clamps
    - CF - TEE KF - TEE
    - CF Flanges
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  • Thin Film Deposition Systems
    - Pulsed Laser Deposition System
    - Multi Deposition System
    - Hot Filament CVD System
    - Electron Beam Evaporation System
    - Customized Deposition System
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  • Vacuum Chambers
    - Pld Chamber
    - Arc Melting Chamber
    - Twin Chamber Customized
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  • Vacuum Pumping Systems
    - Rotary Vacuum Pumping System
    - Diffusion Pumping Station
    - Turbo Pumping Station
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  • Digital Thickness Monitor Assembly
    - Digital Thickness Monitor Water Cooled Crystal
    Holder with Feedthrough and BNC Cable

    - Digital Thickness Monitor with Oscillator Box,
    Cables and Crystal Holder
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  • Sample Cleaning
    - Plasma Cleaner
    - UV Ozone Cleaner
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  • Evaporation Sources
    - Tungsten Helical Filaments
    - Tungsten Baskets
    - Tungsten Boat
    - CF Gasket
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