About Us

K M V Vacuum Techhnologies founded in 2017, is one of the reputed and reliable suppliers of Vacuum Systems, Chambers, Pumping Systems,Thin Film Deposition Systems, Components, Customized Equipments, Consumables, etc., in the field of Vacuum Technology,Thin Film Technology and Research Community.

K M V Vacuum Techhnologies is a company for all your products related to Vacuum Science and Technology.We associate with Companies for Manufacturing of Customized Systems based on customer specifications and requirements.


To foster a safe and productive working environment while providing our services and supplying products at all times. We believe in delivering timely and comprehensive services to our valued customers by assisting in product selection and cost saving.


To be committed in providing our customers with products and services of high quality and standards, which suits their needs and exceeds their expectations.


To continuously improve and provide products as well as our services in an efficient and courteous manner consistent with the Professionalism.


We aspire in becoming the safest, most customer - focused and successful supplier of Products related to Vacuum Science and Technology, Thin Film Technology without any compromise on quality and standard of our products. We thrust ourselves to maintain tall standards of integrity and in establishing long term relation ships with our valued and esteem Customers.


Having 9 years of Experience in the Vacuum Field, we humbly believe that we can design, supply and execute customer requirements. Apart from supply, we can provide one stop solutions to all your vacuum products needs. We can offer guidance and support to conclude technical issues.


With the help and support of our Associate Companies having good Infrastructure and in house technical team, We can provide solutions for all Vacuum related systems and Equipments such as Vacuum Pumping Systems, Thin Film Deposition Systems, Vacuum Chambers, etc.,


We are proud to announce that we have the support of some of the most trusted Manufacturers , Suppliers and Customers for Vacuum Systems, Components, Equipment, etc., related to Vacuum Science and Technology Field in India.

we are continuously endeavoring to enroll ourselves with customized and reliable products .


Please contact us for any technical issues related to systems that you may have. We aim to respond at the earliest possible time