Digital Thickness Monitor Assembly

Digital Thickness Monitor will be used to monitor the thickness of the thin film during evaporation / sputtering / coating

It consists of the following main items

  • Digital Thickness Monitor
  • Oscillator Box
  • Cable to connect DTM to Oscillator Box
  • BNC Cable to connect Oscillator Box to Feedthrough
  • Mains Cable
  • Water cooled Quartz Crystal Holder with Feed through
Measurement Transducer limited typically 5,000 µg/cm2 as much as 20,000 µg/cm2
Rate Display 3 digit LED Auto Ranging 0.00 to 999 Å/Sec
Thickness Display 4 digit LED Auto Ranging 0.000 to 999.9 K Å
Update Rate Automatically varied to 4 to 5 update / sec
Static Thickness Rate 1 Å @ Minimum update resolution
Input Parameter Acoustic Tooling factor, density and acoustic impedance readout directly in angstrom
Film No. Parameters Allows input for upto 100 films
Tooling Factor 1.0 to 999.9%
Film Density 0.800 to 99.99 gm/cm3
Film Acoustic Impedance  5.000 to 99.99 x 10 gm/cm-sec
Shutter Control Dedicated Relay Internal 3 Amp fuse protection two relays
Thickness Set Point 0.000 to 999.9 K Å shutter closes when displayed thickness equals or exceeds set point
Start Control Zero Thickness and Opens Shutter
Stop Control Close Shutter
Shutter Position Indictor LED On indicates shutter relay is activated
Crystal Compatibility 6 MHz
Crystal Test and Display Type of Crystal being used
Crystal Health Analogue Percentage of Crystal life remaining
Output 0 to +5  ±.25 V full scale corresponding to last 2 or 3 digits of selected display
Output Control Rate of thickness select.  Decade selects for conversion of last 2 or 3 digits
Self Test Automatic Detection and Indication of Oscillator failure, power failure, power line failure and internal failure (thickness monitor)
Power Requirement 230 V AC ± 10% ; 50 Hz
Approximate Size in mm  220 (W) X 230 (Depth) x 93 (H)
Operating Temperature 0 to 450 C